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Strip the $$$ out of rock 'n' roll, restore the danger and you're left with the raw force of 6ft Hick. Slog 6,000 kms across Europe with Australia's mangiest Rockabilly Punks, through 15 shows in 18 days, in a world where managers, roadies and riders give way to blood, sex, and pure adrenaline.

"6ft Hick: Notes From The Underground" is a behind-the-scenes music documentary that reveals the messy, all-too human face of the low-budget music scene in stark contrast to the perceived glamour of an internationally touring rock band. Raised on a chicken farm in rural Nambour, on Australia's northeast coast, front men Geoff and Ben Corbett sought their artistic beginnings in the 80s, dabbling in punk and performance art. They milked their North Queensland roots relentlessly for its inbred, bigoted imagery, filtered through wicked wit and self-deprecation. Touring for 15 years, the band has become an underground institution. One reviewer described their show as "an indistinguishable pulverising barrage of screams, sweat, spit and blood flowing over a fierce, raw pulsing din." Their shows engender an atmosphere of trance and possession as the duo lurch around the stage, barrel into the crowd, hang upside-down from lighting rigs, drink beer from boots, eat the contents of ashtrays, and blood let.

Their mild-mannered alter egos spend every waking moment maintaining day jobs and living normal lives, and amassing resources until they may re-awaken that beast. This documentary takes stock of the 6ft Hick machinery: what motivates and drives them in a world where music is about cashing in or bowing out? Offstage, these same figures are humble, considered and witty, offering candid insight into what they've created.

DIRECTOR: Marty Moynihan placeholderPRODUCER: Karina Astrup

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FINANCED THROUGH:  ABC TV, Screen Queensland and Screen Australia.



“Noisy Cat - Best Music Documentary”
- Grossman Fantastic Film Festival

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"A true insight into the real life of indie rock ‘n roll touring & survival – and a testament to what an awesome live act The Hicks are.” 
- Toronto NFB Mediatheque

"The real success of this documentary is showing the brutal reality of the low cost 'underground' rock scene. Rock'n'roll is for most of us a virus, regardless of fame, money or the lack of it.”
- Soundguardian

“A must see cinematic experience. This is a movie young bands can learn by."
- Spooky Records

“This documentary has all the qualities we search for in a music film, shoe string budget, raw power and undying dedication.”
- WT OS International Film Festival

"Dispelling every myth about the glamorous life of a touring rock band, the film ventures behind the scenes and deep below the surface.”
- The Far Paradise

"This is a ruthlessly honest view of an iconic Australian indy-underground rock band making for great viewing. Sick, perverted, depraved? Yes, pretty much. But an incredibly compelling story of the hard grind of the rock ’n’ roll touring circuit.”
- Indaily

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