In Love with Craziness (15 mins)

A young man’s struggle with ADHD; his portal to drug use, experiences a metamorphic coming of age through the creative energy of rap music.

Melanie Ekholdt Huynh first saw Michael Kildal, a Norwegian Rapper from the small coastal town Florø, on 'Norway’s Got Talent' and was immediately intrigued. As a child psychiatrist she was very interested in his story and how his problems growing up with ADHD had formed him and influenced his music. One particular line in his lyrics stood out to her; "Why do I judge myself when everyone else is already doing it?” She wondered how his powerful music, insightful lyrics, drug abuse and ADHD medication all linked up?

Inviting him to participate in a seminar for doctors, she finally met him in person and this began a journey of discovery and partnership that was to lead to both a co-authorship of a book on the art of understanding the turbulant youth and a collaboration to create a short documentary together.

'In Love with Craziness' will offer a personal insight into how the ADHD diagnosis impacts the youth experience and can have a far reaching effect. It will also explore how suffering and creative expression can be a catalyst for both survival and change.

STATUS: Post Production.

DIRECTOR/CO-PRODUCER: Melanie Ekholdt Hyunh PRODUCER: Karina AstrupEDITOR: Sahil Singh


Michael Kildal - Gangster Blues [Official Music Video]

Michael Kildal - The Ice Cream Shop [Official Music Video]

Michael Kildal aka Xzwer - #SPEIL

Michael Kildal aka XZWER on Norway's got talent 2012 first audition:

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