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The Hunt (55 mins)

Two old archaeological buddies team up again after 30 years, to act on an old promise of adventure and rediscover a lost Viking reindeer hunting facility in the rapidly changing Norwegian highlands.

An old hunters' tale of mysterious stone structures up in the highlands prompts Torbjørn to reconnect with Nils, so they can realize their old dream of making an archaeological documentary together.

The story raises expectations of what they hope to be a major Viking reindeer hunting facility, lost to history due to the inaccessible geography, and vastness of the Norwegian highlands. If their investigations confirm their suspicions, they could discover a significant unregistered cultural heritage site. Using a generally, little used research style of scanning for minor, telltale markings on satellite imagery, before going to investigate what is seen in real life, this is an exciting fusion of the new world with the old!

If they are successful, Torbjørn and Nils expect to find dozens of sites consisting of pitfall traps, archer positions, and herd funneling systems hundreds of meters long. This method of leading reindeer herds through funnels to their mass slaughter was up to that point unprecedented in history, leading to the near extinction of highland reindeers. Have humans always had a tendency towards unsustainability? Can we once again learn from the mistakes of the past and heed this story as a modern-day warning to man, that all nature must have balance for us to continue to live well on earth?

What originally begins as a fact driven project, quickly develops into a multi-layered human story, a journey back through time, folklore, and history. A love letter to nature, as the breathtaking beauty of the mountain backlands washes over us. A human story of personal significance, as Nils and Torbjørn each face their own crossroads in life - being middle aged and wondering what is still out there waiting for them.

'The Hunt' plans to be an informal, intimate, unique, and somewhat personal storytelling of history, where we intend to invent a new style of history documentary, which people are not used to seeing. Utilizing a creative indie-style of production and leaning heavily into the natural beauty of the highlands, we will give the film plenty of breathing space to simply sink into the landscape, experiencing the crisp natural sounds of a barren land, uninterrupted by modern human activity. In the end, we will deliver something that is beautiful and experiential, as well as historically informative and humanly relatable.

STATUS: In Production

DIRECTOR: Nils Astrup FIELD LEADER: Torbjørn Rødberg

PRODUCER: Karina Astrup



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