Desert Star (90 mins)

The inspiring true story of an English prison psychologist and Aboriginal prisoner, whose relationship starts behind bars and blossoms into an enduring love story and acclaimed artistic partnership, in one of the harshest environments on earth.

Pat Lowe on CouchThis film takes PAT LOWE from the conformity of her Catholic boarding school upbringing in England to a remote Aboriginal camp in the sweeping emptiness of The Great Sandy desert. In the style of Wild and The Piano this film explores the phenomenal journey of a woman who dared to break down all barriers of race, class and expectation to live life as a desert nomad.

Suffocated by the small-minded expectations of her family and constantly feeling at odds with her life, the unorthodox Pat escapes to the other side of the world. She takes a job as a prison psychologist in the outpost town of Broome, Western Australia in 1982, where she immediately antagonises the tough prison guards who are contemptuous of Pat’s compassion towards the prisoners. It is here that she meets JIMMY PIKE, a charismatic Walmajarri desert man serving time for manslaughter and already emerging as an internationally renowned artist from behind bars. Although he sees psychology as white man’s nonsense, the two share a dry sense of humour and a love of nature, as well as an overwhelming physical attraction.

Desert Star follows Pat Lowe’s journey deep into a way of life that has all but disappeared: that of the desert-dwelling hunter-gatherer. It is the story of a Western woman who defies all expectations to live the life she truly wants, and an Indigenous man who conquers a society that as a child he could never even have imagined. It’s an uplifting love story of two outsiders from opposite ends of the globe – who find each other.

Feature Drama Script Development.


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